Plan now to THRIVE for years to come

Get flexible benefits for retirees with Thrive

Without a group benefits plan, out-of-pocket health and dental expenses can add up. That’s why THRIVE makes sense.

THRIVE covers many items your government health coverage doesn’t. You’ll have benefits similar to those your group plan provided – giving you and your dependents coverage long after you’ve left your group plan. You’ll also pay lower premiums than you normally would as an individual. 


7 great reasons to choose THRIVE:

  1. If you apply within 90 days of leaving your group benefits plan, there’s no medical questionnaire to fill out (you can still apply after 90 days, though)
  2. You’ll be covered at any age, as long as you pay premiums
  3. Coverage applies anywhere you live in Canada, where government sponsored health benefits are in effect
  4. Even people with pre-existing conditions may qualify
  5. Pharmacies and health providers bill the insurance company directly, so you won’t be out-of-pocket for covered items
  6. You’ll be able to make convenient online claims and manage your account online, if you wish
  7. Monthly premiums may be a tax-deductible expense for you


Customize your coverage

Choose from 3 levels of health coverage to suit your needs:

Extended Health Care (EHC) 

90% coverage80% coverage70% coverage
$2,500 annual drug maximum$2,000 annual drug maximum$1,500 annual drug maximum
$150/year lifestyle drugs covered at 50%$150/year lifestyle drugs covered at 50%$150/day hospital coverage at 100%
$300/day hospital coverage at 100%$250/day hospital coverage at 100%$70/visit for paramedical
$90/visit for paramedical$80/visit for paramedical$300/2 years for vision care
$600/2 years for vision care$500/2 years for vision care 

Add optional annual travel and trip cancellation insurance at any level, including coverage for extra days the options don’t already cover. 

Travel (with Superior EHC)Travel (with Enhanced EHC)Travel (with Basic EHC)
100% coverage100% coverage100% coverage
93 days/trip62 days/trip35 days/trip
$3,000,000 lifetime maximum$3,000,000 lifetime maximum$3,000,000 lifetime maximum
$8,000 Trip cancellation/ trip$6,000 Trip cancellation/ trip$4,000 Trip cancellation/ trip


Dental Care (sold separately)
Add optional dental coverage at any level, mixing and matching with your health coverage to get the combination that suits you best.

90% coverage80% coverage70% coverage
Basic unlimitedBasic unlimitedBasic unlimited
Minor restoration $900/yearMinor restoration $800/yearMinor restoration $800/year
Major restoration 60% coverage:
$1,000 crowns/ posts/ inlays/ onlays
$1,000 implants/ bridges/ dentures
Major restoration 50% coverage:
$800 crowns/ posts/ inlays/ onlays
$800 implants/ bridges/ dentures


Why act now?

If you apply within 90 days of leaving your group benefits plan, there’s no medical questionnaire to fill out.

Apply today

Or download the application form, complete and follow the instructions on the form to submit.


Johnson Inc. (“Johnson”) is a licensed insurance intermediary.  Johnson provides administrative, consulting and/or claims administration/payment services. †Johnson administers the Extended Health Care Plan(“EHC Plan”) and the options for Travel and Dental Care (“Options”). Individual and overall maximums may apply. Eligibility requirements, limitations and exclusions may apply and/or may vary by province or territory. The EHC Plan and Options are underwritten by Desjardins Financial Security (“DFS”). Travel assistance is provided by Sigma Assistel. Sigma Assistel is a trademark of DFS. Eligible expenses related to a pre-existing condition are reimbursed at 100%, subject to applicable maximums, as long as the Emergency is deemed sudden and unforeseen in light of the insured’s medical history as determined by DFS and/or the Travel Assistance Provider. A 90-day Health Stability Clause applies to pre-existing medical conditions and other restrictions may apply. The terms, conditions, limitations and exclusions which apply to the described coverage are as set out in the policy. Policy wordings prevail. Check Certificates of Insurance for complete details. Coverage under the EHC Plan is subject to proof of enrolment in applicable Provincial Pharmacare program. Other restrictions may apply. The information provided herein is for informational purposes only and should not be considered legal or insurance advice.